Community Defibrillators

Smannell and Little London Defibrillators

The defibrillators have been placed in both Smannell (next to the Oak Pub) and in Little London (in the telephone box) as shown in the pictures below.


They are there for use(!!) in an emergency. They are self explanatory and the machine will give clear instructions as you use them.


If you suspect that someone is in cardiac difficulty, please get someone to run and get a machine to the individual who needs help. Don't be afraid to use..the machines are constructed such that you cannot do harm, and they may just help you to save a life!


You do not need to have any training to use the machines, but please first call 999 as the emergency services operator will assist you in the use of the machines and give you simple instruction in how to administer CPR.


If you do use a machine, please call Rod Bowker afterwards, so that supplies can be restored to the machine after use. Telephone 357201.