Enham Post Office & Shop



Everyone is very much invited to join us for our Summer Fun Hawaii style event

to be held on Saturday 27 August from 12 noon through to 4pm.


There will be plenty of fun, games, cocktails, mocktails and much more … for

all the family!


The Andover Foodbank is looking to extend its current community facility to enable it to carry on supporting the local community in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. Please visit our website and sign our petition supporting our application to the Test Valley Borough Council.


Here are some figures that may be of interest!


In June we gave out 82 family boxes, 65 single boxes and 3 limited cooking boxes. We also gave out 30 bags of toiletries, 5 single welcome packs and 3 family welcome packs.


We are in need of the following NON-FOOD items:

Tin/can openers

Laundry detergent


We are also in need of the following food items:

Tinned fruit

Tinned meat

Biscuits - stocks very low

Longlife milk - stocks very low

Longlife fruit juice