Parish Church Council Meeting Minutes




All members were present, with the exception of Margaret Smith who had sent her apologies. The Minutes of the meeting held on 21st June were confirmed and signed as correct by the Chairman. Treasurer Noel reported that 3 bills had been received from Enham who had now agreed to submit a monthly invoice. The annual cost was £1473.60. It was agreed to ask Enham to cut the hedges at the side of the churchyard every 2 years, for an extra fee. The successful social afternoon at the Rectory had raised £77 for the Toilet Fund. The Benefice Administrator was now in post 12 hours per week. A ‘Bishop’s Walk’ practice had taken place – volunteers would be needed for man road crossings. A wrought iron hand rail had been ordered for the graveyard and any donations would be very welcome. Christine agreed to make some walkway signs for Christ Church churchyard. A Pastrow Services rota was now available and Rev. Alex agreed to send a copy of Benefice services from November onwards to the Editor of the Parish Oak. The Christ Church organ had been serviced. The organ at St. George’s would be inspected – if required there was a spare organ available at Weyhill. A Parochial Visitation by Brenda Pomeroy would take place on 10th October; Rev. Alex and the Church Wardens would attend. There was a wide discussion on the choirs at the two churches.


Rev. Val, Irene and Emma agreed to form a working party to look at the costings and feasibility of toilets at both churches. Funds were being raised and Noel would hold any money collected. Noel reported that all was well with the finances and contributions to the Parish Share were up to date. Margaret Smith would be the other cheque signatory. It was agreed that the bench in Christ Church churchyard would be removed. The Family Services had been well supported it was agreed that these would take place every second Sunday at Christ Church at 10.15, with Matins taking place at 9.15 on the same day, subject to Bob Wheadon’s approval. ‘Messy Church’ had been well attended with 39 people from 13 families. The occasion would be repeated on 4th October at Hatherden. Environmental health problems would need to be resolved if meals were to be served at these events. A Wedding & Baptismal Policy draft was discussed.


The next Craft Group would meet at the Vicarage on Wednesday, 12th October at 2 p.m. The next PCC Meeting would be held at 6 p.m. at The Vicarage.


Margaret Smith,

Secretary to the PCC, Smannell with Enham Alamein