Smannell & Enham (CE) article

Our sports day has been run, Dream On (a musical version of Midsummer Night’s Dream) has been performed, the disco has been danced. In short we’ve reached the end of another school year and all of the traditional features have taken place.


Our 11 Year 6 children are ready to fly away from Swallows Class and begin their secondary education. This year they will be moving onto four different schools where they will undoubtedly make new friends and prosper. We hope that Smannell and Enham will always hold a special memory for them and that they will be able to live the values we have provided for them. They have achieved a great deal academically and socially. Interestingly they specifically asked, as their treat, that they be able to try something challenging. Tackling an indoor climbing wall in Romsey proved to be the result of that conversation. I am sure that recognising such challenges can be taken on will help them in this time of transition.


In September we’ll be welcoming 15 new Reception children to our school. They’ve all been in to visit us and I know that they are very excited about wearing their new school uniforms for the first time.


One new tradition we’ve added in this year is to support a charity called Sal’s Shoes. They collect shoes that children have grown out of but still have plenty of life in and send them on to children in other parts of the world who don’t have such basics. In some cases, this enables those children to be able to go to school which seems like a fantastic idea. On the last day of the year children were asked to bring their old shoes with them as a donation.


We’ll try and remember to let you know how we get on with this.


Hope you all have a great summer.


Peter Shaw