Editorial - August 2017

The summer is with us and the cooking is easy! You probably are enjoying still your most recent barbecue as you read the Parish Oak this month.


The summer has indeed been a long and lovely season so far, with prolonged sunshine and warm muggy weather. I wonder if that will all change now that the children are out from school and no doubt quickly bored, exclaiming that there is simply nothing to do.


I can remember my own school summer holidays … spent in Jamaica, so many years ago. They seemed to be taken up with long days playing cricket or football with local village children (and adults too!!). They really were halcyon days spent in the warm tropical sun.


Well there are of course lots of events and activities in our vicinity to enjoy, though I don’t think our temporary replacement Andover swimming pool will make it in time for this summer!


But why not simply enjoy the beautiful countryside more with rambles and walks during this glorious month? I think I am particularly guilty in not using our God-given resources more often … we really are surrounded by the most beautiful natural scenery.


Of course many of you will be travelling away for your holidays … no doubt visiting Spain and France, Italy and Greece to soak up the sun in even hotter climes at this time of year. The TV news reported that last weekend was the busiest ever for airport travel in the UK.


So enjoy yourself during this carefree season of leisure, but do remain vigilant for any potential dangers - natural or mankind initiated. We are living in times when it is prudent to be aware of unexpected dangers in unanticipated settings.


Autumn will soon roll in, so enjoy the balmy weather whilst we can.



Peter Calcraft